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KSS SM Vocab 14

SM Vocab 14

SCOLIOSIS Lateral curvature of the spine
SEDATIVE An agent or substance that quiets nervous excitement
SENSORY Conveying nerve impulses from the sense organs to the nerve centers
SESAMOID A term applied to the small bones situated in the substance of tendons, near certain joints
SHIN SPLINT Clinically painful/disabling condition of the lower leg unique to athletes; results from overuse of muscles such as the tibialis anterior/posterior; usually associated with running and jumping on hard surfaces or uneven terrain early in the season
SHOCK A state of profound depression of the vital processes resulting from wounds, hemorrhaging, crushing injuries, blows, etc
SIGN Objective evidence of an injury; something the athlete trainer can see, hear, or feel
SINUS A hollow space or cavity
SPASM An involuntary contraction of one or more muscles
SPICA A figure 8 bandage
SPRAIN A stretching or tearing of ligaments and other attachments of a joint following a sudden twisting, wrenching or external force applied to the joint
STRAIN An injury of muscles or tendons as a result of overstretching, overextension or powerful contractions against resistance; In training parlance, these are better known as a pull or tear
SUBACUTE A stage between acute and chronic with some acute features
SUBLUXATION Partial or incomplete dislocation
SUPERFICIAL Near the surface (external)
Created by: SK Ath Med
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