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KSS SM Vocab 12

SM Vocab 12

PALLOR Deficiency of color in the face; condition of being white or pale
PALMAR FLEXION Refers only to the wrists; Movement of the hand at the wrist toward the head from a starting position
PALPATION Examination by touch
PASSIVE not active; submissive
PATHOLOGY Study of the nature and causes of disease and injury, which cause change in structure, and function of body parts
PERIOSTEUM The membrane of connective tissue that closely invests all bones except at the articular surfaces
PHYSIOLOGY The study of function
PLANTAR Referring to the sole of the foot
PLANTAR WART An epidermal tumor of viral origin on the sole of the foot
PLANTAR FLEXION Ankle movement pointing toes toward the ground, or away from the body
POSTERIOR The back of the body or the body part
PROGNOSIS Prediction of the course and end of a disease or eventual outcome of injury
PRONATION Rotation of a limb toward the midline of the body, turning the palm downward, flattening the arch of the foot
Created by: SK Ath Med