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Blk 15 Review

Block Review

Primary purpose of the air bleed openings used on a fuel flow injector nozzle is aid in proper fuel vaporization
What advantages does a fuel injection system have over a carburetor system (2) Improves acceleration and reduces induction system icing
What provides FADEC with electrical power once the N2 compressor reaches 12% FADEC's Permanent magnet alternator
Why are electrical oil pressure gauges preferred over Bourdon tube types Lighter
True or False Adjusting Idle mixture will affect Idle speed True
What are the two sections of a Hydro-mechanical fuel control Computing and Metering
What provides the heat used in fuel heaters (2) Bleed air and engine oil
Primary purpose of a lubricant Reduce friction between moving parts
How do cowl flaps control engine temperature Regulates the amount of air that passes over the engine
Most engine operated fuel pumps are bolted directly to the Engine crankcase
What is the purpose of the float chamber within the float type carburetor Supply a constant level of fuel to the main metering nozzle
In a fuel injected assembly the purpose of the fuel metering section is to meter and control the fuel flow to the Flow divider
What does the automatic mixture control do in an aircraft carburetor Compensates for changes in air density due to temp or altitude changes
What is the purpose of mixing air thru the air spray nozzle of the fuel injection injectors Atomization
A blister develops on the outer synthetic rubber cover it is common practice to Remove hose, puncture blister,if air emerges pressure test and reinstall hose
Which fuel filter provides the greatest filtering action Micron Filter
Explain the procedure for checking the idle mixture on a fuel injected engine . Set the throttle to idle speed, Then adjust idle mixture RPM until a 25-50 rise is seen while retarding the throttle to idle cutoff.
Specific gravity is the comparison of the weight of a substance to the weight of a equal volume of Distilled water at a specific temperature
Why is scavenged turbine engine oil vented from within the accessory case To maintain oil flow
14CFR Part 23 and 25 require how much expansion space be provided in the engine oil tank 10% or ½ gallon, whichever is greater
Oil pressure-relief valve pressure adjustments should be accomplished While the engine is idling
An oil tank having a capacity of 5 gallons must have an expansion space of 2 quarts
Almost all turbine blade airfoils are internally cooled by means of Compressor discharge air
True or False The pressure in the venturi is affected by the air velocity and air density False
A measure of the economical use of fuel is called Specific fuel consumption
What component permits the passage of oil to the engine when the filter gets clogged or during cold engine starts The bypass valve
Where is the oil supply stored in a wet sump lubrication system In the oil sump or pan
Name the two basic types of oil coolers in general use on turbine engines today Air-cooled Fuel cooled
When high fuel temperatures combine with low fuel pressures within a fuel system that is not equipped with booster pumps what condition may occur Vapor lock
Pressure-injection carburetors provide a pressurized fuel system that is Closed from the engine fuel pump to the discharge nozzle
What is the basic requirement for a fuel metering system regardless of the type of system used or the model engine on which the equipment is installed Proper fuel/air mixture ratio at all speeds and altitudes
Which of the following functions does the float-type carburetor venturi perform Decreases the pressure at the discharge nozzle
How does air density effect carburetor operation relative to increasing altitude A carburetor has a tendency to run richer as altitude increases
Which of the following carburetor systems determines the ratio of fuel to air in the mixture The mixture-control system
Following a new or rebuilt carburetor installation, why is it recommended that the carburetor be filled and left standing with fuel in it for a minimum of 8 hours To soak the diaphragms
Which of the following fuel nozzles is most widely used in most gas turbine engines today Duplex
Engine idle-mixture adjustments should always be accomplished with cylinder head temperatures At normal operating values
Carburetor icing is most severe at air temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit
How are fuel discharge nozzles in a fuel injected reciprocating engine identified to indicate the flow range By an identification letter stamped on one of the hexes of the nozzle body
The primary function of the fuel heater is to Protect the engine’s fuel system from ice formation
. What indication should the fuel pressure gauge needle read when the engine and booster pumps are not operating None
When accomplishing a complete fuel system inspection, the drain plugs or valves should be opened to check for the presence of Sediment or water
Why are oil coolers used in the lubricating systems of some turbine engines To reduce the temperature of the oil for circulation through the system
What turbine engine component is usually the source for the supply of bleed air to the airflow systems Compressor
The lowest temperature at which fuel will vaporize enough to form a combustible mixture of fuel vapor and air above the liquid fuel Flash point
In a reciprocating dry sump engine oil is returned to the tank by the Scavenge Pump
What would likely cause a hot spot on a reciprocating engine cylinder Too much cooling fin area broken off
Why is it necessary for the carburetor to be equipped with a mixture control device Because of its tendency to run richer at altitude than on the ground due to the change in air density
. What is the basic function of the fuel system in a turbine engine To provide the engine with the proper amount of fuel, and under the right condition, for satisfactory combustion
True or False In the TCM Fuel Injection System, the rotary-vane pump must be timed to the engine for proper fuel distribution False
What would be the end result of having an excessive amount of a cooling fin broken off The cylinder would not properly cool and a hot spot would develop
In a pressure injection carburetor, there is no float chamber. Fuel to the discharge nozzle is by a diaphragm that uses a comparison of what . Venturi air pressure and carburetor inlet air pressure
True or False . Small cracks in cooling fins may be filed or stop drilled to prevent any further cracking True
Specific gravity is the comparison of the weight of a substance to the weight of a equal volume of Distilled water at a specific temperature
True or False Turbine engine use less viscous lubricants than reciprocating engines True
The instrumentation for turbine engine oil systems usually consists of an________ gauge and an ___________ Gauge Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature
Name the two main advantages of synthetic oil over petroleum oil used in turbine engines It has less tendency to deposit lacquer and coke and less tendency to evaporate at high temperature
Name the two turbine oil types used today, including MIL Spec number Type 1 (MIL-L-7808) Type 2 (MIL-L-23699)
What is the bayonet or gasket end of a thermocouple lead typically used for on a reciprocating engine To produce an indication of engine cylinder temperature
What are sometimes installed in the oil supply lines of dry sump oil systems to prevent the reservoir oil from seeping (by gravity) through the oil pump elements and high pressure lines into the engine after shutdown Check valves
To prevent loss by evaporation at the high altitudes at which a turbine engine operates, the oil must be of Low volatility
. What device utilizes magnetism and is capable of collecting ferrite particles indicating internal engine wear and damage Chip detector
What type of lubrication system do most gas turbine engines utilize Dry-sump
The purpose of the engine main oil strainer filter is to Strain the oil as it leaves the pump before entering various points of lubrication
What type of gas turbine engine stores its lubricating oil supply within the engine Wet-sump
What is used on most turbine engines to monitor engine wear possibly providing notification in advance of an internal engine problem (2) Spectrometric oil analysis Chip detectors at key oil scavenge locations
Why do all turbine engine oil tanks have extra space within them To allow for expansion due to oil foam and heated oil
What type of turbine engine oil pump is the most common Gear
Name the two types of manual mixture control devices used on float-type carburetors Needle type Back-suction type
What is incorporated in some engine lubrication systems to prevent high pressures from bursting the oil cooler or blowing off hose connections Surge protection valves
Turbine fuel pumps may be divided into two distinct categories which are Constant displacement Non-constant displacement
What is the function of the flow control valve in oil cooler It determines which of the two possible paths the oil will take through a cooler
What atomizes or vaporizes the fuel within the combustion area of a turbine engine so that it will ignite and burn efficiently Fuel Spray nozzles
In all pressure oil lubrication systems, what limits the oil pressure to a predetermined value Press. Regulating valve
Vapor lock can become serious enough to block _________ completely and cause engine operation failure Fuel Flow
True or False The viscosity of a liquid is a measure of its weight and density False
. What is the most important property which reciprocating engine oils must possess Its viscosity
Where is the oil supply stored in a dry sump oil system In an external tank
True or False Oil tanks are generally associated with wet sump lubrication system False
Which of the following lubricants is most capable of maintaining viscosity quality for the longest period of use Synthetic oils
What are designed and arranged to direct the flow of air evenly around all cylinders of the engine Baffles
What is the primary purpose of a lubricant To reduce friction between moving parts
What do engine cowl flaps regulate Air flow over the engine
The oil supply for a reciprocating engine that has a dry sump system is Carried in a tank separate from the engine
The surface area of an engine cylinder is increased by use of Cooling fins
Generally, at what interval are most aircraft reciprocating engine disposable oil filters replaced Every 50 hours of operation
If the temperature inside the engine cylinder is too great, what may occur Fuel/air mixture will be preheated
Lubricating oil is distributed to the various moving parts of an aircraft internal-combustion engine by which of the following methods Pressure or combination of pressure-and-splash
How is fuel delivered regarding a continuous-flow fuel injection system used on many reciprocating engines Fuel is injected at each cylinder intake port
What is the purpose of the flow divider in a turbine engine duplex fuel nozzle Creates the primary and secondary fuel supplies
During operation of an aircraft engine, the pressure drop in the carburetor venturi depends primarily upon the Air Velocity
What causes the fuel divider valve to open in a turbine engine duplex fuel nozzle Fuel pressure
The device that controls the ratio of the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders is called a mixture control
Fuel lines are kept away from sources of heat, and sharp bends and steep rises are avoided to reduce the possibility of Vapor Lock
The device that controls the volume of the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders is called a throttle valve
The desired engine idle speed and mixture setting Is adjusted with engine warmed up and operating
At what engine speed does the main metering jet actually function as a metering jet in a float type carburetor All Rpm’s above the idle range
The fuel level within the float chamber of a properly adjusted float type carburetor will be Slightly lower than the discharge nozzle
The economizer system in a float type carburetor Increases the fuel/air ratio at high power settings
What is the purpose of the carburetor accelerating system Temporarily enrich the mixture when the throttle is suddenly opened
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