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Business 11 T/F

Business 11 quest.

Standard of living is based on the amount of goods and services a person can buy True
An employer has the right to not hire a woman because she is pregnant. False
A position where a person receives training by working with people who are experienced in a particular field is called volunteer work. False
You must fill out a W-4 form for an employer to determine tax withholding. True
If you apply for a job at the library you will first be required to attend an informational interview. False
The amount of education you have may affect your starting salary. True
A mentor is someone new to the job. False
An auto mechanic is employed in a service industry. True
Big cities are less expensive to live in because there are more apartments available. False
A good place to learn about a career in a specific field is a professional organization. True
Summarize three ways to increase your chances of job satisfaction over the years. 1. Improve communication skills and remain open to new ideas 2. Develop good working habits and do each job as well as possible 3. Be creative in solving problems.
Created by: MKai