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selling vocabulary

Apporach The initial stage in a sales interaction. Comment: The objectives of the approach are securing approval for the sales call, getting the prospect's attention and interest, and building rapport with the prsospect.
Boomerang method A method used by salespeople to respond to customer objections by turning the objection into a reason for acting immediately.
Business-to-Business Selling A business that markets and sells its products or services to other businesses,.
Buying Signals A verbal or visual cue that indicates potential customer is interested in purchasing a product or service. A buying signal indicates that a salesperson should begin to close the sale
Buying motives The forces causing a buyer to seek satisfaction of a specific need. Buyers are influenced by rational appeals (e.g., economic factors such as cost, quality, and service) and emotional appeals (e.g., status, security, and fear).
Closing the sale The culmination of a sales presentation in which a salesperson attempts to get to a customer to commit to buy a product or service.
Cold Canvassing A method of prospecting under which a salesperson calls on totally unfamiliar organizations and prospects.
Consultative Selling A customized sales presentation approach in which the salesperson is viewed as an expert and serves as a consultant to the customer. The salesperson identifies the prospects´ nneds and recommends the best solution even if the best solution does not requi
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer relationship management creates more meaningful one-on-one communications with the customer by applying customer data (demographic, industry, buying history, etc.)
Endless Chain Method A method of prospecting in which a salesperson asks customers to suggest other customers who might be interested in the salesperson's offerings.
Objections A concern or question raised by a prospect to a salesperson.
Personal Selling Selling that involves a face-to-face interaction with the customer.
Pre-approach The activities preceding the sales call that include prospecting, collecting information, and planning the sales presentation.
Prospect A potential qualified customer who had the willingness, financial capacity, authority, and eligibility to buy the salesperson's offering.
Referrals A lead for a prospect given tot the salesperson by an existing customer
Sales Quotas A sales goal or Objective that is assigned to a marketing unit.
Selling The personal or impersonal process whereby the salesperson ascertains, activities, and satisfies the needs of the buyer to the mutual, continuous benefit of both buyer and seller.
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