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Fund. of Poduction

quiz answers

How many frames per second are captured on 16mm and 35mm film? 24fps
What is the name for the hole in center of the lens that light travels through? Aperture?
which F-Stop setting will allow the least amount of light to reach the camera sensor? F32
Exposure is the amount of light that comes through the lens and hits the film or digital camera sensor? TRUE
Depths of field is the area in front of your camera where everything looks sharp and in focus. TRUE
If possible, on a film camera, you should close your lens to its smallest aperture for focusing. FALSE
Color Temperature is a way to identify different colors of light sources. TRUE
To achieve a proper white balance, you must ensure that the color temperature settings on your camera match the color of light you are filming under. TRUE
Which aperture setting will create the most shallow depth of field? F32
Which focal length will create the deepest depth of field ? 85mm
List three components of a basic three-point lighting setup 1. key light = shines more of or less directly on the subject 2. filler light = lightens the general area and creates depth by a shadow cast 3. backdrop light = on the background surroundings so that subject doesn't melt in background
what is a gaffer chief lighting technician, in charge of best boy and key grip and in charge of making lights the way Director likes
Created by: mikaila J