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Security Issues


Homeland Security Act established in 2003
Department of Homeland Security -Manage security intelligence and invention strategies -oversees the Transport Security Administration
Transport Security Administration -Federal Marshal Program -Training and Certification of federal flight deck officers -Crew member self-defence training program
Transport Security Administration -Armed security officers program -Office of training and development
NORAD - US northern command center Central collection and coordination
FBI -has jurisdiction of aviation accidents
Homeland Security Act -To prevent terrorist attacks in US , reduce country's vulnerability to terrorism and assist in recovery after an attack. -combines 22 agencies
ICAO (international civil aviation organization) -December 7, 1944 -Located in Montreal, Canada -US assigned department is Homeland Security Act
ICAO Recommended each nation should have a national government organization charged with providing internal national security.
Airport Security Program ASP -Every page of the program has a stamp on the bottom of it. -The foundation of the whole security system
Homeland Security and Homeland Defense Security: deals with people in the US causing possible problems. Defense: to keep us from being attacked from other forces outside the country
Tokyo Convention -1963 -Allowed pilots in command to take reasonable measures to protect those onboard. -addressed how countries should handle a hijacked aircraft.
AOSC Aircraft Operator Security Coordinator
Four fundamental failures in US aviation security -imagination -policy -capabilities -management
9/11 commission included investigation of facts and circumstances
Mission of aviaiton to prevent or deter hijackings or attacks form occurring.
Terminal Areas "front of the house or public area"
Anti-hijacking act of 1971 -punishment of hijackers by death or penalty of like in prison. -maximum five years in prison if hijackers surrenders.
Airport security improvement act 1990 -passed in response to PSA flight 1771 and Pan Am Flight 103 -This is to help the insider threat.
Anti-hijacking of 1974 -in response to numerous hijackings and bombings, Us congress enacted the Anit-hijacking of 1974 -authorized president to suspend air service to foreign nations
Shoe Bomber -December 22, 2001 -Richard reid -Explosive in shoe -American Airlines Flight 63
Point of Terrorist Attacks designed in hope that counties or societies will overreact.
Modern Technologies and low tech weapons
9/11 Resulted in a daily losses of 190$ billion to the aviaiton industry.
9/11 commission report -overconfident Us officials and security practioners -dissemination of intelligence information from federal egencies was our ability not to share information. -security system: Seriously flawed
One big change since 9/11 aircraft operators incurred the cost of newly mandated reinforced cockpit doors.
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