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Phys GI 4

Duke PA Physiology

What happens if you lose the enteric nervous system? no propulsion of materials in GI tract -random contractions
Where does tonic inhibition occur? sphincters
What does delayed emptying cause? nausea, vomiting, bloating and heart burn
What is rapid emptying? diarrhea (osmotic and secretory)
What is secretory diarrhea? cholera - infection, upsets ion balance across the gut
What does the digestive system provide to the body? nutrients, water and solutes
What are the four basic functions of the GI tract & accessory glands? fragmentation, digestion, secretion, and absorption
What is osmotic diarrhea? ex - lactose intolerant - missing lactase results in lactose being delivered to the colon, no glucose transporter in colon, so material sits in colon, pulls water into colon - diarrhea
Which part of the GI tract are passive conduits/ esophagus and anus
Which part of the GI tract is a secretory organ? stomach
Which part of the GI tract is absorptive? intestines
Which type of diarrhea is isoosmotic? all kinds of diarrhea are isoosmotic - 300mOsm
What is the concentration of NaCl in secretory diarrhea? 300 mOsm
What is the concentration of NaCLl in osmotic diarrhea? less than 300 mOsm - glucose adds to concentration
Will sever diarrhea result in metabolic acidosis or metabolic alkalosis? metabolic acidosis
What is the best way to rehydrate someone who has severe diarrhea? salt solution containing rice (polymers of glucose)
What does increased gastrin do to secretin? increased secretin
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