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Duo Polish

Jem I eat I am eating (Ja)
Jesz You eat (singular) You are eating (singular) (Ty)
Je He/She/It eats He/She/It is eating (On/Ona/Ono)
Jemy We eat We are eating (My)
Jecie You eat (plural) You are eating (plural) (Wy)
Jedzą They eat They are eating (Oni/One)
Ja I
Ty You (singular)
On He
Ona She
Ono It
My We
Wy You (plural)
Oni They (male or male/female mix)
One They (female only)
Lubię I like (Ja)
Lubisz You like (singular) (Ty)
Lubi He/She/It likes (On/Ona/Ono)
Lubimy We like (My)
Lubicie You like (plural) (Wy)
Lubią They like (Oni/One)
Jestem I am (Ja)
Jesteś You are (singular) (Ty)
Jest He/She/It is (On/Ona/Ono)
Jesteśmy We are (My)
Jesteście You are (plural) (Wy)
They are (Oni/One)
Mam I have (Ja)
Masz You have (singular) (Ty)
Ma He/She/It has (On/Ona/Oni)
Mamy We have (My)
Macie You have (plural) (Wy)
Mają They have (Oni/One)
Kobieta Woman
Kobiety Women
Mężczyzna Man
Mężczyźni Men
Dziecko Child
Dzieci Children
Dziewczynka Girl
Dziewczynki Girls
Chłopak Young boy
Chłopiec Boy
Chłopcy Boys
Jeść To eat
Ciasteczka Cookies
Ciasteczko Cookie
Ciastka Cookies
Ciastko Cookie
Jabłko Apple
Wodę Water
Mleko Milk
Chleb Bread
Pan You (gentleman singular masculine) (Ty) (singular male)
Pani You (lady singular feminine) (Ty) (singular female)
Państwo You (ladies and gentlemen plural group) (Wy) (you, plural)
Panowie You (gentlemen plural masculine) (Wy) (you, plural)
Panie You (ladies plural feminine) (Wy) (you, plural)
Jajko Egg
Ser Cheese
Smaczny Tasty
Jedzenie Food
Dobrze Fine Good Alright
Dobranoc Goodnight
Owoce Fruit
Sok Juice
Kanapkę Sandwich
Piję I drink (Ja)
Pijesz You drink (singular) (Ty)
Pije She/He/It drinks (On/Ona/Oni)
Pijemy We drink (My)
Pijecie You drink (plural) (Wy)
Piją They drink (Oni,One)
Dziękuję Thank you
Śniadanie Breakfast
Drugi śniadanie Lunch (After breakfast snack)
Obiad Dinner (Large meal between 2 and 6)
Kolacja Dinner snack (small snack after dinner)
Obiadokolacja Dinner Supper (Large meal after 6pm)
kocham Cię I love you
seksowny czas Sexy time
do widzenia Goodbye
uspokój swoje cycuszki Calm your titties
uspokój swoje cycki Calm your tits
Created by: 4Somer