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File Extensions

File Extension Identification

.bat Batch
.cfg Configuration
.sys Configuration (system)
.bin Configuration (binary file)
.hlp Help
.tmp Temporary
.exe Program (executable file that starts a program)
.com Program (executable file that stands for command)
.txt Text
.rtf Rich Text Format text file
.doc Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier DOCument
.docx Microsoft Word 2007 and later DOCument
.wpd WordPerfect (word processing program)
.wav Sound (waveform)
.mid Sound (Musical Instrument Digital Interface--also could be .midi)
.mp3 Sound
.ra Sound (RealAudio)
.bmp Graphics (bitmap)
.pcx Graphics (Personal Computer Exchange)
.tif Graphics (Tagged Image File)
.wmf Graphics (Windows Meta File)
.gif Graphics (Graphics Interchange Format)
.jpg Graphics (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
.png Graphics (Portable Network Graphics)
.avi Animation/video (Audio Video Interleave)
.mpg Animation/video (Moving Picture [Experts] Group--also could be .mpeg)
.mov Animation/video (QuickTime movie)
.wmv Animation/video (Windows Media Video)
.htm Web page (Hyper Text Markup)
.html Web page (Hyper Text Markup Language)
.xls Microsoft Excel 2003 and earlier (eXeL Spreadsheet)
.xlsx Microsoft Excel 2007 and later (eXeL Spreadsheet)
.accdb Microsoft Access (Microsoft DataBase)
.pdf Adobe Acrobat (Portable Document Format)
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and earlier
.zip WinZip
.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and later
.pub Microsoft Publisher
Created by: sostheimer