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KSS SM Vocab 8

SM Vocab 8

FIBROSIS A condition marked by an increase of interstitial fibrous tissue
FIBULA Small bone of the lower leg; Lateral side
FLEXIBILITY The range of motion in a given joint or combination of joints
FLEXION The bending of a limb at a joint, decreasing the angle between two bones
FRACTURE A break or crack in a bone
FRONTAL Divides anterior and posterior sectors
FUNGICIDE A chemical agent that destroys fungi
GERMICIDE A chemical agent that destroys pathogenic microorganisms
HAMSTRING MUSCLES, TENDONS The muscle in the back of the thigh that extend from the pelvis to the upper foreleg, and their tendons; Their main action is to flex the leg at the knee
HEEL LOCK A process of anchoring the heel on taping or wrapping an ankle
HEMATOMA A swelling composed of blood; internal bleeding, associated with contusions
HEMATURIA Presence of blood in the urine
HEMORRHAGE A discharging of blood from the blood vessels
HIP POINTER A contusion of the iliac crest, very painful and usually very tender to touch
HORIZONTAL EXTENSION Backward movement of the arm at the shoulder with the arm in an abducted position
Created by: SK Ath Med