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KSS SM Vocab 7

SM Vocab 7

DIASTOLIC BP Force with which blood is pushing against the artery walls when ventricles are relaxedDISLOCATION
DISTAL Remote, farther away from the point of origin; farthest from the head; opposite of proximal
DORSAL Toward the back; the backside of the body
DORSIFLEXION To bring the foot or hand toward the body
ECCHYMOSIS The escape of blood into the tissues caused by a blow that ruptures the blood vessels; Black and blue appearance of the skin
EDEMA Swelling due to abnormal accumulation of fluid in tissues or cavities
EFFUSION Swelling of the joint due to bursitis or other chronic joint problems
ETIOLOGY The causes of an injury or disease
ERYTHEMA Abnormal redness of the skin; Caused by dilation and irritation of the superficial capillaries
EVERSION Turning the sole of the foot outward, away from the midline of the body
EXTENSION The straightening of a limb at a joint; increasing the angle between two bones
EXTERNAL ROTATION (ER) Rotating outward
FEMUR Thigh bone
FIBRILLATION A quivering or tremor of muscle fibers
Created by: SK Ath Med