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ankle/foot osteology

osteology of foot, tibia, fibula

purpose of the groove of the cuboid peroneus/fibularis longus runs along this grove to the plantar aspect of the 1st MT and medial cuneiforms
location of the groove for the flexor hallucis longus (FHL) 1. on the medial aspect of the calcaneus, posterior the sustentaculum tali
location and purpose of the sesamoid bones located on the plantar aspect of the 1st MT head. purpose to reduce the pressure on the FHL
where does the talus, tibia and fibula articulate? trochlear surface of the anterior portion of the talus
where is the peroneal/fibular trochlea located? on the lateral aspect of the calcaneus posterior calcaneocuboid jt
what groove is located under the peroneal/fibular trochlea? groove for the peroneus/fibularis longus
What is the fibular notch? It is a notch on the lateral, distal portion of the tibia where the fibula fits in with the tibia and articulates.
Where is the groove for the FHL on the tibia? on the medial, distal aspect of the tibia. more medial the groove for the posterior tibialis
Where is the groove for the semimebranosus? on the medial, proximal portion of the tibia, the groove is located below the medial tibial plateau
Where is the groove for the tibialis posterior/FDL? on the distal portion of the tibia, just lateral of the groove for the FHL
What is the importance of the Gerdy's Tuberacle and where is it located? located on the anterior, lateral condyle. It is the distal attachment of the Iliotibial Band (IT Band).
What attach onto the tuberacles of the intercondylar eminense? menisci and primary ligaments of knee
Where is the soleal line and what is it's purpose? a ridge located on the first third of the posterior aspect of the tibia. attachment for the soleus, FDL and tibialis posterior
the flexors (medial) and peroneals (lateral) use these as levers lateral and medial malleoli
What is the importance and where is the tibial tuberosity? It is located on the anterior portion of the tibia, inferior the condyles (the neck). the patella tendon distally attaches to the tuberosity
Where is the apex (styloid process) of the fibula and what attaches to it? most superior portion of the fibula. the LCL and biceps femoris attach to this process.
Where is the groove for the peroneals on the fibula? just lateral of the malleolus fossa on the distal portion of the fibula.
What is the name of the articulation between the calcaneus and talus? subtalar jt.
What is the name of the articulation between the calcaneus, talus, and navicular? Talocalcaneonavicular jt
What bones articulate in the tarsometatarsal jt? the tarsal bones articulate with the metatarsal bones
What two sets of articulation are in the transverse tarsal jt? calcaneocuboid and talonavicular jts
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