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In what year was the game Angry Birds released for the Nokia N900, Iphone, Ipad and Android? 2009
How is a Popsicle generally served? On a stick
A sprinkler system protects a building against what? Fire
What letter comes 4th in the alphabet? D
What word appears in a 1999 best-selling Harry Potter book? Azkaban
Oberon is a satellite of what planet? Uranus
Who delivered the less famous 2-hour speech that proceeded Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? Edward Everett
How many planes were hijacked during the September 11th terrorist attacks? 4
How many people died during the Holocaust? 11 million
When written in lower case, what letter in the English alphabet has a dot on top? J
In the children's book Charlotte's Web, what sort of animal was Charlotte? Spider
How many wheels does a unicycle normally have? 1
According to the old saying "Don't throw the baby out with the _______." Bath Water
What candy bar is in outer space? Milky Way
About how many stars are in our galaxy? 200 billion
What is the closest star to the sun? Alpha Centauri
What quasar is the brightest as seen from Earth? 3C 273
What is the densest planet in our solar system? Earth
Is the Earth flat? No
About how many crayons are in a 64 pack of crayons? 64
In Toy Story, who is Woody's best friend? Buzz
Where does a fish live? Water
Created by: gporter