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Maintenance Chp 5

AC adapter A device that converts AC to DC and can use regular house current to power a laptop computer
Auto-Switching A function of a laptop computer AC adapter that is able to automatically switch between 110-V and 220-V AC power
blue screen of death A Windows error that occurs in kernel mode, is displayed against a blue screen, and causes the system to halt
case fan A fan inside a computer case used to draw air out of or into the case
chassis air guide A round air duct that helps to pull and direct fresh air from outside a computer case to the cooler and processor
cooler A cooling system that sits on top of a processor and consists of a fan and a heat sink
discolored capacitor Bulging head or crusty corrosion at the base of a capacitor that might indicate a failing motherboard
driver store The location where Windows stores a copy of the driver software when first installing a device
dual rail A power supply with a second +12-V circuit or rail used to ensure the first circuit is not overloaded
fanless CPU cooler A processor cooler that instead of using fans, uses heat pipes that contain a small amount of liquid that becomes vapor when heated, and the vapor draws the heat away from the processor toward the fins on the cooler
file recovery software Third-party software that can help recover deleted and corrupted files
heat sink A piece of metal, with cooling fins, that can be attached to or mounted on an integrated chip package (such as the CPU) to dissipate heat
lithium ion Currently the most popular battery type for laptop computers that is more efficient than earlier types
Memory Diagnostics A Windows utility (mdsched.exe) used to test memory
processor thermal trip error A problem when the processor overheats and the system restarts
sheet battery A secondary battery that fits on the bottom of a laptop to provide additional battery charge
Windows pinwheel A Windows graphic that indicates the system is waiting for a response from a program or device
Created by: acat521