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lit questions

the bronze bow

Why does Joel listen to Jesus He thinks that Jesus will help Daniel like Jesus helped himself
Why does Daniel visit the cave He is homesick
What does he miss most Samsung
Where had Samson gone to get food
why does this anger Rosh he doesn't listen to Rosh
why doesn't Rosh punish him because Samsung is stronger than him
What is the difference between the meals the men where more selfish in Rosh's band
What began to make Daniels life seem less burdensome He sees Leah start to get better
Why does Leah allow Thasia to visit her she is gentle and Leah is interested in her
How does he view his sister differently he realizes thet she is growing up so he bought her nice cloth
What does Leah say about the Roman soldier that he is homesick and that she takes interest in him
Why do they fear Jairus he is a roman ruler of the synagogue
Created by: maria111