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Terms 5

Terms, week 5

App Short for “application software,” an ____ is essentially a piece of software with limited functionality, usually developed for a special purpose.
Cloud "The ____" refers to services and technologies that allow computing to take place over the Internet in real time.
Open Source Software ____ is software whose source code--the software behind the scenes--is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. Quite often ______ is "free" in that the software does not require any licensing fees.
QR Code __ codes are those black and white square icons that are showing up all over the place. The image is encoded with information that can be scanned using camera-enabled smartphones (it generally requires downloading an app that can read the code).
RSS a web feed format that is used to publish frequently updated content like blog entries. Subscribing to an ____ feed lets readers get timely updates from websites or view the feeds from several sites in one place
SEO the art and science of making the important content on your website easy to find when people search for relevant terms on Google, Bing, or other major search engines.
SMS Short for "short message service," the term ____ usually refers to a text message sent via mobile phone.
Social Media ____ refers to the set of web-based and mobile technologies that are used for communication and interaction, and often encourage users to create their own content.
URL Short for "uniform resource locator," the acronym _____ is used to describe a web address. For example, the ____ for the homepage of this website is
Database It is a system that allows you to organize, store, and retrieve all sorts of data, including contact information and history of an individual's involvement with your organization.
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