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ECU Beta Psi

History Questions for Beta Psi Tests

Where was Phi Sigma Pi Founded? Warrensburg Missouri State Teachers College
Who are Phi Sigma Pi’s founders? Claude A. Phillips, C.H. McClure, Eldo Hendricks
When was Phi sigma Pi founded? February 14, 1916
What are Phi Sigma Pi’s Colors? Purple and gold, white as auxiliary
When did Phi Sigma Pi become national? May 2, 1921
Who was the national president responsible for making Phi Sigma Pi a cohesive unit? Rolla F. Wood
When did Phi Sigma Pi become co-ed? October 7, 1977
In what year did Phi Sigma Pi become an honor fraternity? 1966
What three principles was Phi Sigma Pi based on before the Tri-pod? Knowledge, Training, and Fellowship
Who was the first brother to sign the Phi Sigma Pi roll book? Eldo Hendricks
In what year were the grand seal, membership certificate, Service Key, and Phi Sigma Pi newsletter established? 1930
When was the Scholar’s Province originally written? 1941
What does BIOYA stand for? Blow It Out Your Ass
Who was the first president of Tau Chapter? Wesley Bankston
Who was the first woman ever inducted into Phi Sigma Pi? Laura Abney
When was Phi Sigma Pi established at ECU? May 28, 1936
What years did Dr. Thornton serve on National council? 1980-1982 & 1986-1988
How many years was Dr. Thornton our advisor? 21 years
What was the first official alumni chapter called? Eastern North Carolina Alumni Chapter
Where did Dr. Thornton attend undergraduate school? Blackburn College, Carlinville IL
Where did Dr. Thornton attend Graduate school? University of Missouri, Columbia
What was the first Fraternal Organization on ECU’s campus? Phi Sigma Pi
Who was Tau Chapter’s founder? Beecher Flanagan
Who was Tau Chapter's first female president? Linda Wilson
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