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Common -er verbs 2

High-frequency words

essayer to try
étudier to study
expliquer to explain
se fâcher to get angry
fermer to close, to switch off
frapper to knock, to hit
gagner to earn, to win
garder to look after, to mind (child,dog)
garer to park
gérer to manage (business)
s'habiller to get dressed
informer to inform
inviter to invite
jeter to throw
laisser to leave behind (an object)
(se) laver to wash
se lever to get up
louer to rent, to hire
manger to eat
manquer to miss, to be lacking
marcher to walk, to work (function)
mériter to deserve
monter to climb, to get on(to), to go up
monter (dans) to get into (bus, car, train)
montrer to show
nettoyer to clean
noter to note
s'occuper de to look after
organiser to organise
ôter to take off (clothes etc.)
oublier to forget, to leave something behind)
pardonner to forgive
parler to speak
passer to pass, to spend (time)
penser to think (about)
peser to weigh
pleurer to cry
porter to wear
poser to place
pousser to push
préférer to prefer
voler to fly, to steal
voyager to travel