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JTC bellwork quiz 7

education or training after high school post-secondary
a class that must be taken before another class can be taken pre-requisite
a collage that relies on endownments, tuition, and fundraising in order to operate; doesn't receive money from the government private college
public service anoucement PSA
a college that operates and is financially surpported by the state in which it is located public college
a test used to prepare for the SAT P-SAT
classes that the local school board has decided are necessary for all students in order to graduate required class
a test that assesses high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-levell work SAT
volunteer service projects that give students useful work experience while benefitting the comunity service learning
a college degree that is usually higher that a masters's degree, but not equal to a doctorate specialty degree
a program b/tw high school and community college that offers students an opportunity to earn college credit tech prep
a private post secondary institution that offers training programs for special career specialties; usually skilled labor jobs technical school
a record of the courses a stdfent has taken, the grades earned and the credits earned transcript
a post secondary institution that offers degrees. usually larger and offer more advanced degree programs university/college
work in which a person is regularly employed vocation/occupation
Created by: kaynicole