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This place is weird

Greek mythological character, son of Felius Achilles
18th century novel in which a character studies under the philosopher Pangloss Candide
The Mysterious Affairs of Styles Agatha Christie
"The Death of A Hired Man" Robert Frost
Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood Naomi Wolf
Main Character of Death of A Salesman Willy Lomen
Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift
Sleeping Gypsy Rousseau
Merrimack Rivers Thoreau
Imp of the Perverse Poe, Edgar Allen
The Language and Thought of a Child Piaget, Jean
Turn of the Screw (Novellete) Henry James
This novel sees Emma having an affair. Name this novel by Flombart Madam Bovarie
Pioneer of the Rococo movement Watteau
The Swing (Painting) Fragonard
First short story collection of Edgar Allen Poe Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque
The Death of Marat, Rape of the Sabine Woman (Paintings) David, Jacques Louis
Confessions of Nat Taylor William Styren
This painter was a Calvinist Missionary Van Gogh
This was Washington Irving's Pen Name for the story "The Sketchbook" Jeffrey Crayon
A Bridge Too Far Cornelius Ryan
The Blind Leading the Blind (painting) Bruegel The Elder
Garden of Many Delights (painting Brosch
She Stoops to Conquer Goldsmith
Lady Chatterly's Lover D.H. Lawrence
This title narrator conveys the stories of Brair Rabbit Uncle Remus
Sonnets of the Portuegese E.B. Browning
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