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Shoeless Joe & Me

How does the narrator travel through time? He uses baseball cards (1)
According the Joe Stoshack, how does it feel to travel through time? It is a strange, tingling sensation, like he had slept on his arm all night, but more a more pleasant, buzzy feeling (2)
Where does Joe Stoshack actually live? Louisville, Kentucky (5)
What is Louisville, Kentucky famous for? It is where the Kentucky Derby is held each May and it is the home of the Louisville Slugger Museum on West Main Street. (5)
What famous icon can be found at the Louisville Slugger Museum? A baseball bat that is six stories high (5)
What is Joe suffering from at the beginning of the story and how do we know? He is just getting over the flu and his nose won't stop running (5)
What sign does Joe Stoshack receive during the game that tells him to "swing away"? The third base coach, Coach Tropiano, clapped his hands together twice, ten rubbed the palm of his right hand across the words "Flip's Fan Club" on his shirt. (5)
How many things go through Joe's head when he comes up to bat in the championship game? Seven (7)
After the pitcher launches his first pitch, what goes through Joe's mind? He might get hit by a pitch (8)
How does Joe describe his final pitch in the first championship game? Right down the middle, about belt high, juicy as a Fuddruckers burger (10)
Who helps Joe calm down after the bad call? Who is he? Where is from? How do you know? Flip Valentini is the team's sponsor and he is originally from Brooklyn, NY where they say forget about it as "fuhgetuhboutit." (12)
What is Flip's job/business? He owns Flip's Fan Club, a sports card shop in downtown Louisville (12)
What was the name of Joe Jackson's most famous bat and what did people believe was true about it? Black Betsy - it was like his baby - he took it everywhere with him and even slept with it (14)
Why had no one ever heard of Joe Jackson? He was part of the Black Sox Scandal where eight players had been paid by gamblers to lose the World Series on purpose and were banned from baseball for life even after they were declared innocent after being put on trial (14)
Why does Flip have to close his business and stop sponsoring the team? His rent was doubled so he is being forced to retire since he can't afford to keep the store open (15)
Who is Mr. Kane? Joe's science teacher and baseball umpire who messed up the call in the game (6, 11, 21)
What does Mr. Kane have to say about asking questions (or curiosity)? Curiosity is the stepping stone to genius (21)
What game is usually played at Flip's Fan Club on Friday nights? Flip card - two kids each toss a card against the wall - whoever's card lands closer to the wall gets to keep both cards (25)
How did Flip get his name? Playing flip card when he was growing up in Brooklyn (25)
What was so unusual about Joe Jackson's autograph? It looked like it was written by a first grader - all block letters, all capitals, a loop in the J (27-28)
What was Shoeless Joe Jackson's real name? Joseph Jefferson Jackson (27)
What lifetime struggle did Joe Jackson have to deal with that caused his writing to look so unusual? He was illiterate (28)
The majority of Joe Jackson autographs owned by collectors were what? His wife's writing (28)
Why does Joe's mom finally agree to let him travel back to 1919? She wanted him to take pictures of his great-great grandmother and his great uncle, Gladys and Wilbur Kozinsky (36)
What newspaper did Joe find when he traveled back to 1919? The Cincinnati Bugle (42)
What was the date & place Joe traveled to? September 30, 1919 in Cincinnati, Ohio (42)
At what stadium was the 1919 World Series started? Redland Park (43)
What was the second major headline in the newspaper Joe found in 1919? Twenty million perished in 1918 influenza epidemic (44)
How did the 1919 newspaper describe World War I? It was called the Great War (45)
How much money was Mr. Rothstein holding on the table to give the baseball players to lose the game? $80,000 (49)
What was the signal that Mr. Rothstein was going to watch for to see that the fix was on to lose the World Series? Eddie Cicotte, the starting pitcher, was supposed to hit the first batter with a pitch (49)
What food did Abe and Billy leave for Joe when they locked him in the closet? Hershey bar (56)
Who's room did they lock Joe in? Heinie Groh (56)
What animal did Joe Jackson and Katie own? a bird (63)
What did the Jackson's bird always say? Commy's a crook. Cheap Commy (63)
Describe Joe Jackson. Dark brown eyes, over six feet tall with short, coal black hair and ears that stuck out a little too far (65)
How did Joe get the nickname Shoeless Joe Jackson? His new spikes gave him blisters so he couldn't put them on. The manager wouldn't let him sit out of the game so he went to the outfield in stocking feet. A reporter noticed and called him Shoeless Joe in the newspaper the next day which stuck. (72)
How did Joe escape the closet? He unscrewed the bottom panel with a dime and crawled through to the next room (61-62)
Why didn't Shoeless Joe believe Joe Stoshack at first and what changed his mind? He didn't think anybody could pay 7 or 8 players and starting pitchers on his championship team but changed his mind when Eddie Cicotte called him to tell him about the fix (68)
How did Joe Stoshack convince Gladys to meet him? He told her he needed to take pictures of twins for a school project (77)
Why did Chick Gandil come to see Joe Jackson in his hotel room? To tell him about the fix and give hime $5,000 (78-81)
What does Katie suggest Joe do about the money and the fix? Tell Charles Comiskey, the owner of the White Sox (85)
What was Charles Comiskey's reaction when Joe Jackson told him about the fix and the money? He didn't believe him and told him to buy himself some brains (85-86)
How did Joe Stoshack brush his teeth in 1919? With his finger using Dr. Sheffield's Creme Dentrifice (88)
Why did Joe Jackson never learn to read or write? His family was poor since there were eight kids in the family. He had to start going to work in a cotton mill at 8 years old to help his father earn money to take care of the family (90)
What does Joe Stoshack take out of the garbage can when Joe and Katie Jackson are asleep? Two autographs that Joe Jackson wrote out as proof that it was too hard for him to learn to read and write (95)
Where does Joe Stoshack find Joe Jackson the morning the World Series is supposed to start? He was in the street in regular clothes playing pepper with kids by the park (99)
What is the game pepper? A boy would flip a ball to Joe Jackson and he would slap a one-hopper using Black Betsy back at the line of boys; whichever one fielded the one-hopper would toss it back to Joe who would slap it again (99)
What song did the marching band play as fans entered Redland Park? "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here" (103)
Why was baseball the national pastime in 1919? Baseball was the ONLY national game/spectator sport at that time (there was no NBA or NFL) (103)
What was the cost of World Series tickets in 1919? Box seats were $1.10 and bleacher seats were $0.50 (104)
Describe Joe Jackson's uniform. No number or name, pin-striped, dirty, a few sizes too large, Sox was written with a large S that had an o in the top curve and an x in the bottom curve, and there was an American flag on the left sleeve (106)
What was different about Joe's baseball hat compared to baseball hats from today? The brim was much smaller (106)
What were the bleacher seats like at Redland Park in 1919? They were just wooden planks (109)
What were baseball gloves like in 1919? Much smaller than Little League ones and the fingers weren't even connected with laces; the ball had to be caught right in the palm of the hand (109)
What were the names of Joe Jackson's other bats? Blonde Betsy, Caroliny, Ol' Genril, Big Jim (110)
What happened after the Star Spangled Banner? A plane flew over and threw a stuffed White Sox dummy onto the pitcher's mound (112)
Why did Gladys and the hot dog vendor think Joe Shostack was a rich kid? He tried to pay for a $0.05 hot dog with a $20 bill (122-123)
What did Gladys think of Joe's camera? She thought it was a toy (124)
Why was Wilbur wearing a mask? He had the flu and it was a rule at the ballpark to wear a mask (125-126)
What did Wilbur think of the pictures the camera was going to take? He thought they would be postage stamps (127)
What book was WIlbur reading at the ballpark? Captain Billy's Whiz Bang (128)
What does Joe give Wilbur? His Tamiflu so that maybe he can get better from the flu instead of die (129)
Why doesn't Wilbur believe Joe that it is medicine? Because the doctor's said that there was no medicine for the flu (129)
What does Joe Stoshack try to tell the reporters after the game? Shoeless Joe Jackson is innocent! The series is fixed but Joe Jackson had nothing to do with it! (133)
What does Joe Stoshack try to do since he couldn't stop the Black Sox scandal from happening? He tries to convince Joe Jackson to come back to the future with him (137)
Who's baseball card does Joe Stoshack shoe Joe Jackson to prove he is from the future? Barry Bonds (137)
Why does Joe Jackson think Barry Bonds is impossible? Because he hit 73 home runs in a season since in 1919 no one had even hit 30 home runs in a year (138)
Why does Joe Jackson say he can't go to the future? He says, "A man can't solve no problem by running away from it." (138)
What goes through Joe Stoshack's mind when Abe and Billy catch him again? I should have listened to my mother. I should have listened to my mother. I should have listened to my mother. (141)
What is Joe Stoshack's last request before being shot? Why? He wants to hold a baseball card in his hand so that he can disappear before he gets shot (144)
How did Flip Valentini respond when Joe Stoshack gave him the Joe Jackson autographs? He cried like Niagara Falls was going down his face and tried to give them back to Joe and then he ripped the "Going Out of Business" sign out of his window (148)
Who does Joe Stoshack meet when he gets back to his house? His Uncle Wilbur (151)
Why does Uncle WIlbur wink at Joe Stoshack? Joe was wearing his pants that his mom had in the attic before he traveled back to 1919 (153)
What baseball movie did Joe and his mom watch? Eight Men Out
What is Joe Stoshack's nickname? Stosh
What was the ending score the first game of the 1919 World Series? 9-1 for the Cincinnati Reds
Which character, besides the baseball players, was based on a real person? Arnold Rothstein
Why was Shoeless Joe considered dumb? Because he grew up poor in the South and couldn't read or write and spoke with a strong Southern accent
How much money did the gamblers offer Joe Jackson at first? $10,000
Created by: bcarvajal