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Sarah Bishop

Who were Talitha and Tabitha? They were beautiful Gloucesters, mahogany colored with white blazes (cows). (3)
What trees grew in the Bishops' meadow? Roxbury Russets (3)
What happened when a Loyalist called John Adams a windbag? They burned his pigsty and threatened to burn down his barn. (5)
Who are the Skinners? Gangs of young men who went around burning people's property and wanted to hang King George from the nearest tree (5)
What was the name of the village where the Bishops traded goods? Mott's Corner (12)
What old fear did many of the Mott's Corner people still believe to be true? That witches really existed and that ladies who lived by themselves with black cats were really leading witches like Mrs. Ryder (12)
Who was Caleb Cleghorn? The preacher in the Mott's Corner church that father did not like because he changed from being loyal to the king to supporting the rebellion (30)
How did Caleb Cleghorn describe the conflict in the colonies? "It's not a revolution. It's a civil war, a war among people who once were friends." (31)
Why doesn't Sarah's father want her to return to school? Her teacher, Master Wentworth, had become a "mouthpiece for the rebellion." (32)
What happened to the Bishops while they attended Sunday church services in Mott's Corner? They were robbed of their teams of horses along with five other families, all of whom were loyal supporters of King George. (33)
Why did Ben Birdsall come to speak to father late at night? To charge him with a crime of highhandedness for taking and destroying David Whitlock's copy of Common Sense by Thomas Paine and for having a picture of King George hanging on his wall (39-40)
What did Ben Birsdall and his group of men do to the Bishops home and barn? They lit the hay next to the barn on fire and then tied Sarah to a tree. They slit the throat of the horse in the barn and then they carried Sarah's father out to the meadow and tarred and feathered him (40-41)
Where did Sarah go for work after her father died? The Lion & the Lamb, a tavern owned by the Pennywell family near the East River (44-45)
Why did Mr. Pennywell think that young men like Chad made good soldiers? Because they never think about death (51)
How did Sarah describe the difference between the British soldiers and the Hessians? The British had good manners but the Hessians bragged about how they never took prisoners and ran them through with a single thrust of their bayonets (53)
How did the Hessians change their looks? They were really blond but had blackened their hair and mustaches with black shoe polish (53)
How did Sarah meet the British Major Stirling? She was powdering his wig (54)
How did British soldiers get their wigs treated/taken care of? The men would put their head through a hole in the door and then Sarah would cover their face with a cloth cone. She would then comb the wig and dust it with a sweet-smelling powder (54)
What did Major Stirling offer to do for Sarah to help her find Chad? He wrote her a note to take to Captain Cunningham who was in charge of all the rebel prisoners (54)
What does Sarah tell Young Mr. Morton her name is? Why? She says her name is Amy Travers (who was really her cousin from Midhurst, England) because she thinks the King's men are still searching for her (172)
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