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Knowlege Bowl Set#11

11th set of 24 KB questions

What is the most massive body in the universe? the sun
A radius equals half of what? a diameter
In what country is Venezuela found? South America
In what country is Capetown found? South Africa
What brothers were the best known storytellers of fairy tales? the Brothers Grimm
What was the first product to be scanned using a bar code? a ten pack of Wrigley gum
What President of the U.S. sent Lewis and Clark on their journey to find a waterway to the Pacific? Thomas Jefferson
What kind of dog was featured in the book Big Red? an Irish setter
What children's novel is about a group of friends taking a trip on a large fruit? James and the Giant Peach
In the nursery rhyme Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater, where did Peter keep his wife? in a pumpkin shell
What part of the cell is considered the "brain" of the cell because it tells the cell what to do? nucleus
Who wrote Captains Courageous? Rudyard Kipling
The Bobbsey Twins were two sets of fraternal twins in a series of books by the same name. Name the twins. Nan and Bert, Flossie and Freddie
What is the simplest life form? protozoa
What kind of root does a carrot have? a tap root
Where is Manitoba found? It is a province in Canada.
What kind of map shows boundaries of cities, states, and countries? a political map
What President signed the Compromise of 1850 into law? This prevented a civil war between the southern slave states and the northern free states that rose during the Mexican American war? Millard Fillmore
What author wrote the juvenile fiction novel Fifteen? Beverly Cleary
What major league baseball teams have their home in Chicago, Illinois? White Sox
In what state would I find the Great Salt Lake? Utah
What is the only state in the U.S. that begins with the letter P? Pennsyvania
What types of numbers (digits) are used in every day life? Arabic numerals
V, L, and X are all what type of numbers (digits)? Roman numerals
Created by: rnsluder