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KnowledgeBowl Set#10

10th set of 24 questions

According to research, heart attacks are most common on what day of the week? Monday
What do we call the inability or decreased ability to see color? color blindness
What part of the eye helps you see in color? rods
How many teeth do adults have? 32
Name the four taste zones of the tongue. bitter, sour, salty, sweet
What do we call the outer layer of skin? epidermis
What part of the body stores white blood cells? the spleen
What is the universal symbol for a poisonous substance? skull and crossbones
What is the nickname given to the flag that pirates once used? the Jolly Roger
What is the nickname given to England's flag? the Union Jack
How many countries are in the United Kingdom? 4--England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
What do we call the computer system of numerical notation in which each place of a number is expressed as 0 or 1? binary code
Rounded to the nearest million, what is the distance from the earth to the sun? 93,000,000
What is the two letter abbreviation for Oklahoma? OK
What is the two letter abbreviation for Missouri? MO
Which U.S. state in not on the North American continent? Hawaii
In what month do we find Labor Day? September
What is another name for the 4th of July? Independence Day
Which planet is often called "Earth's twin sister"? Venus
What is Saturn's largest moon? Titan
What month might be called "The Month of Jokes"? April
What planet has Europa as a moon? Jupiter
What layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer? stratosphere
In what year did the American Revolution begin? 1775
Created by: rnsluder