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literacy terms


ACronym Word composed of the first letters of each word. 'UNESCO" "OMAZE"
Active voice 'the dog bit the postman' Active, but passive is opposite - the man was bitten by the dog' the subject of the sentence performs the action.
Allegory Words that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning eg The Chaser
Alliteration Repetition of initial letters I Like Licking Lemon and lime lollipops
Archaism Outdated words eg thou, art, perchance
assonance Repetition of a similar vowel sounds eg please leave these
Blank verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter most commonly found in Shakespeare
Caesura Pause mid line in poetry
Cliche overused / stale saying
Colloquial informal langauge or slang
Consonance repitition of constant sounds with different vowels betweeen eg reaper/riper hearer/horror slip/slop/slap
Dialect words and accents that belong to a region eg north island bach/docking
Dialogue scripted speech / convesation between people
Enjambement run on line in poetry eg 'i wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills.'
Euphemism Softening of something unpleasant eg she passed away instead of she died .
Eye of god The narrator shows the characters inner thoughts and feelings (she was a smart person and she was proud of it) (First person would be 'I am a smart woman and i am proud of it")
Fable Story or poem in which animals take the place of the humans eg the tortoise and the hare
Figurative Language Based on comparisons or imagery (word pictures) similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, etc
Formal language Precise, politically correct language, used by those who are not in a relaxed situation.
Genre Form of literature eg Horror, Drama
homonym words which are spelt the same but mean different things eg wind/wind minute/minute
Homophone Words which sound the same but mean different things eg which/witch
Hyperbole Exaggeration for effect
Informal language language that is colliquial, casual , or suggests familiarty eg chill out
Literal Actual meaning
Metaphor Direct comparison eg the lake is a sliver mirror
Minor sentence incomplete sentences which can still be understand eg Going to Taupo this weekend?
Mnemonic Memory aid eg My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos (planets)
Monologue one way conversation, usually in a play or performace
onomatopoeia sound of words suggest meaning eg splash
parable bible story with moral eg the good samaritan
parody style of another work is imitated usually for humour eg scary movie, bored of the rings
passive voice subject of a sentence is acted upon the most informal language eg the postamn was bitten by the dog
personification describing a non human thing like a person
proverb short saying in common use and often metaphorical or tradiotionla eg people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones
pun a play on words
repetition repating a word or phrase
rhetorical question question aksed without wanting an answer
rhythm the pattern of stressed nd unstresed syllables
sarcasm i won six races in atheltecs - YOUR SO MODEST
simile like /as /than
soliloquy speech when alone on stage usually indicate thoughts or feelings
stream of consciences supposedly random flow of thoughts
style indiviaul flvour of writer
superlatives the extreme comparison of an adjective eg best, greatest, biggest
symbolism when something represents somerthing elese
synonym a word of similar menaing eg small/little
verbal contractions comibjng of words using apostrohes eg i'll, she's, don't
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