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Bond Investments

Bond "A fixed income investment in which an investor loans money to an entity (typically corporate or government) which borrows the funds at a defined period of time at a variable or fixed interest rate."
Callable Bond " A bond that can be redeemed by the issuer prior to its maturity." ; aka redeemable bond; eg, if a bank's interest rates have gone down since issuing a bond, they will "call" the holder and reestablish a new interest rate.
Corporate Bond Loan given from a corporation to an investor(usually); Collateral can sometimes be the company's assets, and assurance(kinda like credit scores) is a company's possible future income(paid with future transactions/business money).
(Federal) Agency Bond Bonds issued by federal agencies(or, in some cases, by the US Treasury), to investors; used for things such as student loans, mortgage funds, and more.
Junk Bond High-yield, speculative, risky bonds; because of this, they offer higher interest rates. Issued by the government or corporations; have a maturity date, principal amount, and higher 'coupon'(interest; looks more attractive); used to attract investors.
Municipal Bond Issued by the state; used for capital expenditures(highways, schools, etc). Exempt from taxes, so they are attractive to those in the high income tax brackets.
Treasury Bond Aka T-Bond; fixed interest, 10+ year maturity, Semi-annual payments, and exempt from all but federal taxes. Issued by the US government with low risk.
Debenture Not secured by physical assets/collateral; only backed by worth/'credit' of the issuer. Used to secure capitol(wealth in assets/money).
Face Value The amount of money being loaned; the price of a bond when it's first issued.
Source: www.investopedia.com
Created by: TheFavChild