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Civil Questions

The Ones That Matter

Snodgrass Hill Chickamauga
Union retreated to Lafayette Road Chickamauga
George Henry Thomas was ‘Rock of’ this place Chickamauga
Bragg beats Rosencrans Chickamauga
Followed battles at Champion Hill and Port Gibson and Big Black River Bridge Vicksburg
Battle of Milliken’s Bend was near it Vicksburg
Pemberton surrendered it on July 4 Vicksburg
Grant sieges it for 47 days, fell a few days before Port Hudson Vicksburg
Followed battle at Brandy Station Gettysburg
Heth began it by attacking Buford(Union) at McPherson’s Ridge Gettysburg
Peach Orchard, Devil’s Den, Little Round Top Gettysburg
Longstreet ordered Pickett’s Charge on 3rd day Gettysburg
Meade replaces Hooker, defeats Lee Gettysburg
Union had failed ‘Mud March’ after it Fredericksburg
Richard Kirkland gave water to Union, became known as ‘Angel of’ this place Fredericksburg
Union was delayed building pontoon bridges across Rappahannock Fredericksburg
Longstreet held Marye’s Heights for Confederates Fredericksburg
Lee beats Burnside on December 13 1862 Fredericksburg
Burnside crossed Rohrbach Bridge, pushed back by A.P. Hill arriving from Harpers Ferry Antietam
Dunker Church, the ‘Bloody Lane’, Miller’s Cornfield, West Woods Antietam
Union found Lee’s Special Order 191 wrapped around cigar before it Antietam
McClellan ‘strategic victory’, Lincoln gives Emancipation Proclamation Antietam
Fitz John Porter was court-martialed for disobedience here Second Manassas
Brawner Farm Second Manassas
John Pope sent to Minnesota to fight in Dakota War after loss Second Manassas
Pope (Union) gets trounced by Lee+Jackson Second Manassas
Union: Lew Wallace came late after leading troops in wrong direction, Don Carlos Buell reinforced on second day Shiloh
Union almost driven into Owl Creek Shiloh
Benjamin Prentiss defended Hornet’s Nest Shiloh
Albert Sidney Johnston was killed Shiloh
Grant beats AS Johnston and PGT Beauregard Shiloh
USS Monitor commanded by John Worden Hampton Roads
Confederates defended Henry House Hill First Bull Run
Bernard Bee coined “Stonewall” Jackson First Bull Run
Irvin McDowell led Union, would be replaced by McClellan afterward First Bull Run
Beauregard +J.E. Johnston led Confederacy First Bull Run
Created by: The A-Man