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BABOK3 9 Underlying

9.0 Underlying Competencies

What are the 6 categories of underlying competencies? • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving • Behavioural Characteristics • Business Knowledge • Communication Skills • Interaction Skills • Tools and Technology
What supports the practice of business analysis (4)? behaviours, characteristics, knowledge and personal qualities.
Why does a BA require analytical thinking and problem solving skills? To analyze problems and opportunities effectively, identify which changes may deliver the most value, and work with stakeholders to understand the impact of those changes.
What behavioural characteristics assist BAs to gain the trust and respect of stakeholders? Consistently acting in an ethical manner, completing tasks on time and to expectations, efficiently delivering quality results, and demonstrating adaptability to changing needs and circumstances.
Define communication Communication is the act of a sender conveying information to a receiver in a method which delivers the meaning the sender intended.
What's the point of active listening? Active listening skills help to deepen understanding and trust between the sender and the receiver.
How does a BA demonstrate interaction skills? By their ability to relate, cooperate, and communicate with different kinds of people including executives, sponsors, colleagues, team members, developers, vendors, learning and development professionals, end users, customers, and SMEs.
Interaction skills mean BAs are uniquely positioned to do what? Business analysts are uniquely positioned to facilitate stakeholder communication, provide leadership, encourage comprehension of solution value, and promote stakeholder support of the proposed changes.
What do BAs use software applications for (general)? Business analysts use a variety of software applications to support communication and collaboration, create and maintain requirements artifacts, model concepts, track issues, and increase overall productivity.
Created by: Tarka