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Hey There, Kupo!


Defeated Tokhtamysh’s Golden Horde at Battle of Terek River and Battle of Kondurcha River Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Defeated Mahmud Tughluq on his way to sacking Delhi Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Died while planning to invade Ming China Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Defeated the Knights Hospitaller at Smyrna Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Built pyramids of skulls from his enemies Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Ruled from Samarkand Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Partially crippled founder of the Timurid Dynasty (Not Mughal) Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Defeated by Muhammad Shaybani at Sar-e Pol who took Samarkand from him Babur
Was king of Fergana Valley at 12 until he was forced out Babur
He fled to Afghanistan and conquered Kabul Babur
Defeated Ibrahim Lodi at the First Battle of Panipat Babur
The father of Humayun; grandfather of Akbar the Great Babur
Founder of the Mughal Dynasty Babur
Established dahsala, agricultural tax, with Todar Mal Akbar the Great
With General/tutor Bairam Khan, he defeated Emperor Hemu and the Second Battle of Panipat Akbar the Great
Was forced to exile Bairam Khan Akbar the Great
His son, Jahangir, rebelled against him and lost, but still succeeded him Akbar the Great
Son of Humayun and Grandson of Babur, the third and greatest Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great
Married a Rajput princess and repealed the jizya tax on non-Muslims Akbar the Great
Founded the syncretic religion of Din-i-Ilahi Akbar the Great
Abu’l Fazl was a part of his Nine Jewels advisers and his biographer Akbar the Great
Commissioned the Peacock Throne and Shalimar Gardens Shah Jahan
Commissioned the Red Fort at new capital, Delhi Shah Jahan
Dara Shikoh was his son, but lost the Battle of Samugarh Shah Jahan
Father of Aurangzeb and Princess Jahanara Shah Jahan
Son of Jahangir Shah Jahan
Created the Taj Mahal to bury his wife, Mumtaz Shah Jahan
Reinstated the jizya tax on non-Muslims Aurangzeb
Executed Guru Tegh Bahadur for not converting to Islam Aurangzeb
Successor of Shah Jahan, who he imprisoned Aurangzeb
The sixth Mughal emperor who brought the empire to its greatest extent Aurangzeb
The first Mughal emperor Babur
The second Mughal emperor Humayun
The third Mughal emperor Akbar the Great
The fourth Mughal emperor Jahangir
The fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan
The sixth Mughal emperor Aurangzeb
Created by: The A-Man