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POBChp13 Study Guide

Principles of Business Chapter 13 Key Terms Study Guide

Personal Selling is direct contact with a prospective customer with the objective of selling a good or service.
Customer service The way in which a business provides services before, during, and after a purchase.
Cold Call The process of making contact with people who are not expecting a sales contact.
Call Center An office that is set up for the purpose of receiving and making customer calls for an organization .
Customer Support Team Employees who assist customers, take orders, and answer questions that come into the company via phone or website.
Online Support Information and resources available to customers through the Internet.
Telemarketing Personal selling done over the telephone.
Suggestion Selling The technique of suggesting additional items to go with merchandise requested by a customer.
Transaction The exchange of payment and product.
Buying Signals Verbal or nonverbal signs that a customer is ready to purchase .
Approach Step in the sales process in which the salesperson makes the first in-person contact with a potential customer.
Close Moment when a customer agrees to buy a product.
Combination Approach B2C approach that combines the greeting and merchandise approaches.
Customer-Service Mindset Attitude of a business and employees that customer satisfaction always comes first.
Excuses Personal reasons not to buy.
Feature-Benefit Selling Sales method of showing the major selling features of a product and how it benefits the customer.
Greeting Approach B2C approach that consists of a friendly welcome to the store or department.
Lead A potential customer.
Objections Concerns or other reasons a customer has for not making a purchase.
Overselling Promising more than the product or the business can deliver.
Merchandise Approach B2C approach in which the conversation starts with a comment about the product.
Preapproach Tasks that are performed before contact is made with a customer.
Substitute Selling Sales technique of showing products that are different from the originally requested product.
Sales Process Series of steps that a salesperson goes through to help the customer make a satisfying buying decision.
Service Approach B2C approach that starts with the phrase “May I help you?”
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