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Word Module 1

To enter a blank line into a document, press the ____ key without typing any text on the line ENTER
When Word flags a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes the Spelling and Grammar Check icon to a(n) ____. X
To move left one word with the keyboard, press the ____ key(s). CTRL+LEFT ARROW
To move to the end of the document, press the ____ key(s). CTRL+END
To move up one paragraph, press the ____ key(s). CTRL+UP ARROW
To move to the bottom of a document window, press the ____ key(s). ALT+CTRL+PAGE DOWN
When you use the keyboard to scroll to a different position in the document, the ____ automatically moves when you press the desired keys. insertion point
Word includes a variety of document ____ to assist you with coordinating visual elements in a document. themes
On most computers, the default font size in Word is ____. 11
The file type ____ identifies a Word 2016 document. .docx
With more than ____ predefined color schemes, Word provides a simple way to select colors that work well together. 20
To select nonadjacent items, select the first item as usual, press and hold down the ____ key, and then while holding down the key, select the additional items. CTRL
When you click the ____ button for a selected graphic, Word provides options for changing how a graphic is positioned with text in a document. Layout Options
When you drag a graphic's ____ handle, the graphic moves in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. rotate
____ are types of changes that occur when text has been omitted from a document and must be inserted later. Additions
Press the ____ key(s) to erase one character to the right of the insertion point. DELETE
A raised dot (ยท) shows where the ENTER key was pressed. FALSE
Wordwrap forces you to stop typing words and press the ENTER key at the end of each line. FALSE
A document may wordwrap differently depending on the type of printer being used. TRUE
To minimize wrist injury, switch frequently among touch gestures, the keyboard, and the mouse. FALSE
A single point is about 1/12 of an inch in height. FALSE
Word provides an Undo button that can be used to cancel the most recent command or action. TRUE
To zoom a document using a touch screen, repeatedly pinch and stretch in order to change the size of the document in the document window. TRUE
A(n) _________________ is a character that Word displays on the screen but is not visible on a printed document. formatting mark
The _________ copy in a flyer consists of all text between the headline and the signature line. body
________________ is the process of changing the appearance of a paragraph. Paragraph formatting
In Word, the _______ font usually is Calibri. default
A(n) __________ list is a series of paragraphs, each beginning with a dot character. bulleted
A selected graphic appears surrounded by a(n)_______________ , which has small squares and circles around its edges. selection rectangle
A(n) ___________ a computer program that can damage files and programs on your computer. virus
The default typing mode in Word is _______ mode. insert
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