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Theo Pre-Test 1a

Theoretical Pre-Test 1a

“Dicto Simpliciter” (Fallacy) Examples Exercise is good. Therefore everybody should exercise. or \nGames are great. Therefore everybody should play them.
Hasty Generalization (Fallacy) Fallacy of insufficient sample
Hasty Generalization Examples (Fallacy) “You can speak French, I can't speak French, Petey Burch can't speak French. I must therefore conclude that nobody at the University of Minnesota can speak French.”
If most of the people the author (Dobie Gillis) knows cannot speak French he concludes that no one at the college can speak French.\n\n\n"My dear," I said,favoring her with a smile, "we have now spent five evenings together.We have gotten along, splendidl Hasty Generalizations (fallacy)
“Post hoc ergo propter hoc”(fallacy) Example “Let's not take Bill on our picnic. Every time we take him out with us, it rains.”
“Let's not take Bill on our picnic. Every time we take him out with us, it rains.” “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” (fallacy)
“Poisoning the well” (Fallacy) (a specialization of ad hominem)
"Two men are having a debate. The first one gets up and says, 'My opponent is a notorious liar. You can't believe a word that he is going to say.” OR "You can't go with him, Polly. He's a liar.He's a cheat. He's a rat." Poisoning the well (Fallacy)
“Ad Misericordiam” (Fallacy) Example "A man applies for a job. When the boss asks him what his qualifications are, he replies the he has wife and six children at home, the wife is a helpless cripple, the children have nothing to eat, no clothes to wear, no shoes on their feet, there are no b
“Polly, I love you. You are the whole world to me, and the moon and the stars and the constellations of outer space. Please, my darling, say that you will go steady with me, for if you will not, life will be meaningless. I will anguish. I will refuse my m Ad Misericordiam (Fallacy)
“False Analogy” (Fallacy) Example “Students should be allowed to look at their textbooks during examinations. After all, surgeons have X–rays to guide them during an operation, lawyers have briefs to guide them during a trial, and carpenters have blueprints to guide them when they are bui
"My dear," I said,patting her hand in a tolerant manner, "five dates is plenty. After all,you don't have to eat a whole cake to know it's good." False Analogy (Fallacy)
Argumentum ad speculum (“hypothesis contrary to fact”)
Examples of Argumentum ad speculum (fallacy)“ “If Madame Curie had not happened to leave aphotographic plate in a drawer with a cunk of pitchblende, the worldtoday would not know about radium." or “If I hadn't come along younever would have learned about fallacies." This the author (DobieGillis) say
Created by: Sankofarae