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General Prep

Faa General flash cards

How does the center of gravity (CG) range of helicopters compare to airplanes? Typically more restrictive
What is a line called which shows an edge that is not visible? A hidden line
What type of nondestructive testing is used for aluminum castings? Dye Penetrate, Eddy current, Ultrasonic, visual
How is an aluminum alloy part heat treated? Heated in an oven, Then immediately quenched in water
How much slack is allowed in flexible lines at installation? 5-8% of its length
What is the correct way to connect a voltmeter in a circuit? In parallel with the unit
What test type best determines the quality of a composite repair? Metallic ring test
What is the grip length of a bolt? The length of the un-threaded shank
What documents list an aircraft's maximum weight? Aircraft's specification and type certificate data sheet
Circular magnetization can detect what defects? Defects that are parallel to the long axis of a part
How much voltage may be connected across a 20 watt 2000 ohm resistor? 200 Volts
At what temperature does a hydrometer reading not require correction? 80 degrees fahrenheit
What process hardens metal by introducing nitride? Case hardening
If a torqued castle nut does not align with the hole you should? Change washers and try again
Why will Ni-Cad batteries in long storage show a low liquid level? Electrolyte becomes absorbed into the plates
What are two results of annealing? Softens metal and Decreases internal strength
Why is a nut and sleeve preferable to a single piece flare fitting? Wont reduce thickness of the flare when tightening
How is output voltage of a separately excited ac generator controlled? By varying the field current
In what heat treat state does steel have its lowest strength? Its annealed state
Values in a torque chart apply to what condition of the threads? Clean and dry threads
What material is typically used for aircraft engine firewalls? Stainless Steel
Drawings in which sub assemblies are shown together is called? An installation diagram
In aluminum alloy 5052-H36. what does ( H-36 ) mean? Its a non heat treated, but strain hardened to 3/4th its hard state
In the aluminum alloy 3003-F what does (F) mean? The metal is fabricated with no temper control.
What is clad aluminum alloy? High strength sheets covered with a layer of pure aluminum
What type of metals are normalized? Iron based metals
How does metal become strain or work hardened? Repeatedly applying force by bending or hammering
Why is there space beneath the plates in a lead acid battery container? Prevent sediment from touching the plates causing a short circuit
Why is steel tempered after being hardened? Relieve internal stress and reduce brittleness
What is the minimum hose length used between fittings 50" apart? 52.5 " which is 105-108% the distance
In aluminum alloy 6061-0 what does the ( O ) mean ? The metal has been annealed
How do the determine the empty weight if the weight and balance records are lost? Re-weigh the aircraft
In dye penetrate inspection what does the developer do? Pulls the penetrate from a crack thus exposing the fault
What type of load may a Clevis Bolt be used? Only for shear loads and never for tension
What is the purpose of normalizing metals? Reduce stresses put into the metal during its fabrication
Typically bolt heads are installed in what direction? Upwards with the head forward
With which forms are records of major air-frame repairs reported?
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