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Graphic Design Quiz


Mission Control Key on the Apple keyboard that gives you a birds-eye view of all of your open windows
Brightness F1 and F2 keys adjust brightness of screen
Command + and Command - zoom in and out
Tool Panel home to Photoshop’s essential features – located on the left side of the workspace
Option Bar used to change the settings for each tool. Located on the top of the workspace
Layer Panel the section used to organize and display images and adjustments - located on the right side of the workspace
Transform used to scale, rotate, skew, or distort the perspective of any graphic or image (Command T)
Confirm Transformation check mark in Options Bar
Move Tool top tool in the Tool Panel, allows you to move layers around the board
Bounding Box the box that appears around an image when using the Transform process
Anchor Points the direction points that appear when resizing an image. Shift key allows same proportion
Command Z allows you to undo one step
Window> Arrange> 2-up vertical shows 2 opened boards at the same time
What measurements was the first shapes project? 9 x 11: 150 resolution
What tool makes shapes/ The shape tool
What can the move tool do? It can move shapes around the canvas
To get ride of a layer, what do you do? Move it to the trash bin.
What were the transformation black and white lines called? running ants
Created by: cmccloskey15