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MAC address is a built in L2 address. made up of 48 bits written in 12 hex digits. Used in Flat Schemes
OUI Organizationally Unique Identifieer... the first 6 digits (half) of the MAC address are assigned for the manufacturer
Networking addresses are L3 logical address read by routers. 36 bit numbers written using 4 10-base numbers. used in lumpy schemes
why do devices have a MAC address and an IP address? allows devices to be gathered into groups which makes routing easier and faster, also allows for multicasting
Broadcast domain switches do not break up LANs into domains. Routers can break up traffic...
IP addresses L3 logical/networking address made up of 32 bits represented dotted-decminal notation of four octets 4 bytes each....the addresses are broken up into 5 classes ABCD&E
Range of the first octets for the IP classes A: 1-126 (0xxx) | B: 128-191 (10XX) | C: 192-223 (110x) | D: 224-239 (111x) | E:240-255 (1111)
What IP address are reserved for private addresses? 10 , 172, 192
subnetting means masking-off a range of IP addresses into a smaller network segment to reduce its population to improve preformance, allow for better managment, facilitates the use of expensive WAN links, and gives more network address to work with
subnet masks for class AB&C A: | B: | C:
subnet mask is id used in subnetting to signify what part of the IP address is the network address (the 1s in the mask) and what part is the host address (the 0s in the mask)
usable host IP addresses the address that can be assigned to hosts in a network, the addresses between the network address and the broadcast address
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