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CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection... is a Ethernet scheme where each host listens to the wire to see if anyone is talking. Any one device can transmit at any time w/out permission. A collision may occur
collision domain section of wire where it is possible for two devices to be sending data at the same time (collisions occur)
Token ring scheme where each connected device must wait their turn to send data (when you get the ring you talk).
simplex mode* a device using two wires in a cable can only transmit or recieve
half-duple mode* when a device using two wires in a cable can transmit and recieve. must take turns
full-duplex mode* when a devices can talk and listen at the same time through a four-wire cable, this is collision free.
UTP Unsheilded Twisted Pair,,. cable used to connect networking devices using 4 or 8 wires connected to a RJ-45 connector
connectionless OSI model protocols protocols that send data over any available path, expect no reply or confirmation of reciept...faster and unreliable
connection-oriented OSI model protocols protocols that establish and reserve a specific virtual circuit with a partner before exchanging data. Use flow control, buffeing, and windowing to ensure they were heard.... this is slower but more reliable
encapsulation the process of a OSI layer puting header and sometimes trailors on the higher layers PDU
PDU protocol data unit... headers, trailors, and data of a certian OSI layer
tunneling when one frame type is hidden withing another...used for security reasons
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