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net mag web dev

latest trends in web development 2018

What is A-frame? Easy way to Create virtual experiences on web developed by Mozilla Used on amazon echo and google home
Why use amp? Caches content on own system Amp= accelerated mobile pages
What is nativescript? Developer tools for both mobile & desktop === What is React?
What are these for? GooglE ARcore Apples ARkit Augmented reality
What is this? E.g. common voice model Open web-based speech recognition
Name any issues with f amp -Pagés with code errors fail to display -Sources hidden by google.com domain -allows zoom to disabled -Not subject to w3c standards like HTML -1 project lead not subject to lot of scrutiny like HTML w3c standards -Amp is a Fork from HTML -Biggest re
What are the benefits of Invisible interface design -Traditional Interface gets in the way -useful for accessibility Which impairments?: -both visual and physical impairments
what will users will require frp, voice design in Zero ui? - audio Feedback equivalent to visual msg boxes etc -Universal voice patterns to make it intuitive -short exchanges to facilitate reliance on memory
What styling decisions might be needed in voice design in zero ui? - tone of voice e.g. Informal?
What issues might there be for voice design in zero ui? Ads might be difficult e.g. Burgerking ad intrusive Search: How to filter down long list of results
-what are service workers? -enable apps to work offline By caching content
What is sketch? Sketch is... Design tool to compete with photoshop written in Json
What is continuous design? When designer makes a change, client autamitically sees result
What is ECMAScript? It is.. Latest version of JavaScript
- Should we use HTML, flash or action script? Html5 now how has same interactive capabilities as flash
What dev languages are used by iot? JavaScript
What is chromes Lighthouse for? Assess Performance of website
What is chromes ‘workbox’ for? Caching files u want to reuse eg js
Name a pro and con for cloud hosting vs shared hosting cloud hosting Better performance guaranteed as hardware is unlimited shared hosting Cheaper Less hardware
What is flat design? Clean literal Well labelled Less graphic Clear calls to action
Why do flat design? As older people use the web more, labelling helps Search engines favour it Simple - life is complicated enough as is —- What Typographical trend of 2017-18 and Give eg of sites using it
What is sketch? Prototyping Software for designers Has good tools for data visualisation
Name some trends for 2018 Flat design Ecommerce eg? Shopping through messenger and FaceTime (personal shopper) Buying drinks in pubs online- having them delivered to table Invisible ux Apps Data visualisation
What is datawrapper.de used for? Charts
Created by: clairerporter