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Pt Theory Quiz 1.5

Lung Points Highlights - Dustin Slade

LU1 Pinyin Zhongfu
LU1 Mu Point Entry Point of Lung
LU1 Tx 1) Cool and Dispel Heat and Phlegm in Upper Jiao - Chest - Lungs 2) Regulate Lung Qi - stimulate descending Lung Qi 3) Reduce to aid in release of old emotions 4) Tx: cough and wheezing; fullness, heat and stuffy chest; chest pain
LU2 1) dispel phlegm and heat in lung 2) disperse Qi of chest 3) stimulate descending of Lung Qi 4) Tx: fullness and pain in chest; cough/wheezing; shoulder problems, especially adduction
LU3 1) Window of the sky 2) Lungs govern Qi; Liver regulates and stores blood 3) Liver Qi stasis 4) increase oxygen to the head; first aid point Co2 poisoning
LU3 5) psychological effect on emotional problems due to lung - especially confusion, disorientation, forgetfulness, grief 6) Tx: asthma
LU4 Tx: upper arm pain
LU5 Pinyin Chize
LU5 1) He Sea point - water - lung sedation point 2) dispel phlegm in lung 3) regulates urinary bladder; regulate water metabolism 4) Tx: cough, thick yellow mucous, retention of urine
LU6 1) Xi Cleft point - acute painful problems 2) clear heat in lungs - cool throat 3) stop bleeding (coughing up blood/hemmorhoids) 4) Tx: acute attack asthma; cough; wheezing; hemoptsis (coughing up blood); bleeding (hemmorhoids)
LU7 Pinyin Lieque (broken sequence)
LU7 1) Lou Point - exit point 2) master Ren Mai/couple Yinqiao 3) stimulate dispersing and descending of Lung Qi 4) expel exterior wind; relieve surface; promote sweat 5) Open and regulate Ren channel (master point)
LU7 6) Open and regulate Ren channel (Master point) 7) Open nose; benefit nose, throat, ears 8) Tx: face and head 9) regulate upper jiao water metabolism 10) command pt of the neck/nape 11) Tx: wind heat/wind cold; stiff neck
LU7 Tx 12) Tx: emotional problems caused by worry grief or sadness; stimulate outpouring of repressed emotions
LU8 Horary Point
LU9 Taiyuan (Greater Abyss) 1) Source point - earth point - tonification point 3) influential point of vessels 4) promote circulation of blood - influence point 5) tonify lung Qi and Yin 6) Tx: Lung Qi and Yin deficiency, esp chronic
LU9 Tx 7) Tx: chronic cough; weak voice; extremely weak pulse
LU10 1) ying spring point - fire point 2) clear lung heat 3) benefit throat 4) Tx: fever
LU11 1) Ting Well point - Wood point 2) dispel interior wind and exterior wind heat 3) prick to bleed for sore throat
LU11 Tx Wind heat; sore throat
Created by: LeslieC