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Zang Fu Patterns


Spleen Qi Def Sallow Complexion, emaciation, lassitude, reduced appetite, weakness of limbs, abd distention, loose stools, dislike speaking T: Pale, TWC P: slowing-down, weak, soft, thready
Points for Spleen Qi Def RN 12, ST 36, SP 3, SP 6, UB 20, UB 21
Spleen Yang Def Pallor, Poor Appetite, tiredness, abd distention which is worse after eating, dull pain in abd which is better w/ warmth and pressure, chilliness, cold limbs, weakness of the four limbs, loose stools, edema T: Pale P: Deep, Slow
Points for Spleen Yang Def RN 12, ST 36, SP 3, SP 6, UB 20, UB 21, SP 9, RN 9, ST 28, UB 22
Spleen Qi Sinking Any of the s/s of Spleen Qi Def + bearing down sensation in the abdomen, visceral prolapse (ST, anus, uterus, vagina) frequent, urgent urination T: Pale, TWC P: slowing down, weak, soft, thready
Points for Spleen Qi Sinking RN 12, ST 36, SP 3, SP 6, UB 20, UB 21, DU 20, RN 6, ST 21, DU 1
Spleen not controlling the blood Pale complexion, lassitude, dislike of speaking, purpua, blood spots under the skin, bloody stools, excessive menstrual flow, uterine bleeding, sallow complexion, SOB T: Pale P: thready, weak
Points for Spleen not controlling the Blood RN 12, ST 36, SP 3, SP 6, UB 20, UB 21, SP 10, UB 17, SP 1
Spleen Cold Damp Fullness, distention in epigastrium and abdomen, loss of appetite, absence of taste, no thirst, sticky saliva, heavy feeling in head and body, loose stools, diarrhea, white vaginal discharge, T: stikcy white coat, P: soft, rolling slow
Points for Spleen Cold Damp SP 9, SP 6, RN 12, SP 3, ST 8
Spleen Damp Heat Full & distention in the epi & abd, loss of appetite, bitter sticky taste in mouth, heavy body, lassitude, loose stools w/foul odor, burning anus, thirst w/ no desire to drink or small sips, scanty dark urine, yellow face T: yellow sticky P: soft, rapid
Points for Spleen Damp Heat SP 9, SP 6, DU 9, LI 11, UB 20, GB 34
Created by: hannahyaya