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Interpersonal Skills


Frustrated student comes in with their iPad and says that they can't get to any websites because the "securely" warning keeps popping up. They are angry and communicate that they wished the school would have never started using iPads Discussion
Teaching a lesson about iMovie to a group of teachers and have now given them the task of creating an iMovie trailer. In a group you see 2/5 members never even interacting with the technology. How could you approach the group and get everyone involved? Discussion
Student comes in with their iPad and they cannot get an internet page to load Discussion
Students from a biology class are working on a lab report and they are doing it in pages. They are not quite sure how to add the videos that they took to their report. Discussion
Teachers are trying to build a collaborative unit using technology. They are wanting to record an experiment, collect and analyze data and graph what they see. They have no idea on where to start or what programs to use and they come to you for a start. Discussion
A student comes in with a question about how to mark up a picture. They need to take a picture, mark it up to point out some details and then save and airdrop the picture to their teacher Discussion
For a debate, a student wants to spice up their presentation by doing a keynote live during it. They want to run through all possible troubleshooting they might have to deal with during the class period so that is runs smooth so they come to you for help Discussion
Created by: tmezera