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ICT Unit 1 - 3

Intro to Computer Technology

File extension the part of a file name that comes after the period called a "dot"
File name the name assigned for identification
Folder a way to organize files into manageable groups
Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) operating systems with graphical symbols representing files, programs, and documents
Icons graphic images or symbols that represent applications (programs), files, disk drives, documents, embedded objects, or linked objects
Maximize to enlarge a window on the computer to fill the computer screen
Menu bar the horizontal bar near the top of a window that lists the different types of menus to choose from when working with documents
Minimize to reduce a window on the screen to a button on the taskbar
Restore to return a maximized or minimized window to its previous size
Scroll bar band on the right side or bottom of a window that you click to bring different parts of a document into view
Task bar the horizontal band at the bottom of the desktop that includes the Start button, minimized window buttons, and a row of icons usually related to input and output devices
Title bar a horizontal band in a window that displays the name of the program, data file, or another type of window
Tool bar a band near the top of a window that has groups' icons or buttons that will execute certain commands when clicked
Troubleshooting analyzing problems to correct faults in the system
Virus a computer program that is written to cause corruption of data
Window rectangular area of the screen used to display a program, data, or other information
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