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Rivers Aplenty

Let's Drown in Them

The longest river in the world Nile River
The two branches of the Nile White and Blue Nile
These two river tributaries meet at Khartoum White and Blue Nile
Creates Lake Nasser because it is blocked by the Aswan High Dam Nile River
Dr. Livingstone, Speke & Burton, and Stanley all attempted to find this The source of the Nile
It flows through and forms the al-Sudd swamp Nile River
This is the Nile River's farthest tributary Kagera River
This river flows into Lake Victoria Kagera River
Lake Tana is the source of this river Blue Nile
Lake Victoria is often said to be the source of this river White Nile
The Akosombo Dam is on this river Volta River
This river has three tributaries, the Red, White, and Black Volta River
Burkina Faso, north of this river, was once named after its "Upper" portion Volta River
This river flows through Mali (Bamako & Timbuktu), Niamey, Benin, and Nigeria Niger River
Its main tributary is the Benue River Niger River
Third longest river in Africa Niger River
The first European to discover it was Mungo Park Niger River
Second longest river in Africa Congo River
Formerly known as Zaire River Congo River
Flows between Brazzavile and Kinshasa Congo River
The Lualaba river becomes this river at Boyoma Falls Congo River
Creates the Inga Falls which house the Inga Dam, a huge hydroelectric power plant Congo River
Passes by Matadi where a railroad was built to bypass Livingstone Falls Congo River
East-flowing river which forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia Zambezi River
Contains the Cahora Bassa and Kariba hydroelectric dams Zambezi River
Originates in Zambia; empties into the Indian Ocean in Mozambique Zambezi River
Contains Victoria Falls Zambezi River
Tributaries include Kafue, Shire, and Lungwebungu Zambezi River
Discovered by Vasco de Gama and called "Greasy" by Kipling Limpopo River
Formed by the Marico and Crocodile Rivers Limpopo River
Forms the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe/Botswana Limpopo River
Located in the city of Xai-Xai Limpopo River
Its main tributary is the Olifants river Limpopo River
Longest river in South Africa Orange River
It rises in the Drakenburg mountains in Lesotho Orange River
Its largest tributary is the Vaal river Orange River
Contains the Augrabies Falls Orange River
Contains the Vanderkloof Dam Orange River
Created by: The A-Man