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Lakes of Malaise

Take a Sip, Babes

Fed by the Kagera River Lake Victoria
Considered the source of the White Nile Lake Victoria
The largest lake in Africa by surface area Lake Victoria
"Discovered" by John Speke and Richard Burton Lake Victoria
Submerged Ripon Falls after the construction of the Owen Falls Damn Lake Victoria
Second deepest lake in the world Lake Tanganyika
Longest lake in the world Lake Tanganyika
Its only outlet, the Lukuga River, flows into the headstreams of the Congo Lake Tanganyika
Has a namesake species of sardine Lake Tanganyika
Has many cichlid fish Lake Tanganyika
Fed by the Ruzizi and Malagarasi rivers Lake Tanganyika
The source of the Blue Nile Lake Tana
Largest lake in Ethiopia Lake Tana
Largest artificially created lake Lake Volta
Largest lake in Ghana Lake Volta
Created after Nkrumah ordered the construction of the Akosombo Dam Lake Volta
It was created to allow the construction of an aluminum smelter at Tema Lake Volta
The Digya National Park lies on its western shores Lake Volta
Contains the islands of Likoma and Chizumulu Lake Malawi
Dr. Livingstone named it Lake Nyasa Lake Malawi
The Shire river is its primary outflow, which drains into the Zambezi river Lake Malawi
Lilongwe river flows into it Lake Malawi
Its primary inflow is the Ruhuhu river Lake Malawi
Monkey Bay and Nkhata Bay lie on this lake Lake Malawi
Located chiefly in Tanzania and the DRC, but also Burundia and Zambia Lake Tanganyika
Located in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania Lake Victoria
A shallow, shrinking lake Lake Chad
Surrounded by Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon and on the south edge of the Sahara Lake Chad
The Buduma live on its Bogomerom archipelago Lake Chad
The Logone and Chari rivers form a delta with this lake and supply its waters Lake Chad
The Bodele depression is northeast of it Lake Chad
The city of Bol lies on its shores Lake Chad
Created by: The A-Man