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Chapter 4-6 Vocab

Lord of the Flies chapters 4-6 vocabulary

subside v. To become less intense: go down to a lower or normal level
transparency n. Something able to be seen through: easy to notice or understand, honesty and openess
appalled adj. To be filled with horror, shock or dismay
appalled v. To fill with horror, shock or dismay
peer n. A person who belongs to the same age group
peer v. To look narrowly or curously: to look searchingly at something, difficult to discern
clamor n. A loud confused noise, especially people shouting intensely
clamor v. To shout loudly or intensely (large group of people)
murmur n. A soft sound, difficult to hear sound made by a person or people
murmur v. To say something in a low, soft, or indistinct voice
derisive adj. Expressing contempt or ridicule
incantation n. The chanting or uttering of words supposing to have magical power
appalling The living conditions of the homeless man were .......
clamoring The movie star try to avoid the people .................... to get his autograph.
peered We .............. into the classroom to see if the teacher was there.
derisively adverb She spoke to the customer ................ because an item they were trying to return obviously didn't come from her store.
derision n. The act of treating someone with a lack of respect, contempt.
transparent adj. The lagoon was so ................ that Henry could see all of the little creatures filling up his footprints at the bottom.
clamorous adj. The ....................... crowd was deliberately trying to cause an uproar to disrupt the politician's speech.
subsided v. past tense After going to the nurse for an icepack the pain in his injured hand ..............................
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