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Knowledge Bowl Set#6

Sixth 24 KB questions

What is the opposite operation of division? multiplication
In mathematics, what do we call letters than can stand for numbers? variables
What property of addition states that the order of the addends can be changed without affecting the sum? commutative property
To the Great Plains Indians, what was the most important animal to be hunted? the buffalo
What property of addition states that addends can be grouped in any way without changing the sum? associative property
What mathematical instrument is used to measure angles? a protractor
Finish this saying: Don't look a gift horse ____. in the mouth
During World War II, the U.S. were allies with Great Britain, China, and what country? Soviet Union (Russia)
Finish this saying: A stitch in time ____. saves nine
During World War II, who were the Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, and Japan
Finish this saying: Truth is stranger ___. than fiction
What battleship was sunk during the bombing of Pearl Harbor? the Arizona
What is the official term for a mapmaker? a cartographer
Adolf Hitler blamed all of Germany's problems on what group of people? the Jews
What is the name of the best known map projection of the world? the Mercator Projection
What American First Lady became the "eyes and ears" for her husband who couldn't travel because he was paralyzed with polio? Eleanor Roosevelt
What biome has less than ten inches of rainfall a year? desert
Who led the Mexican army that defeated the American forces at the Alamo? Santa Anna
In 1935 Congress passed an act that said most workers had to pay a small part of their income into a special government fund to provide services after retirement. What do we call that fund? Social Security
What two-word term means "the use of nonviolent protests and peaceful resistance to unjust laws and oppressive actions"? passive resistance
The TVA helped construct dams and build electric power plants in the South. What does TVA stand for? the Tennessee Valley Authority
What man urged the people of India to overcome British rule through nonviolent protests? Mohandas Gandhi
After the Great Depression, what was the nickname for the newspapers that homeless people slept under? Hoover blankets
What country is the world's largest producer of diamonds? South Africa
Created by: rnsluder