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Knowledge Bowl Set#5

Fifth 24 questions

In 1868, what U.S. president was impeached for trying to block plans for rebuilding the South? Andrew Johnson
What victim of the Holocaust wrote The Diary of a Young Girl? Anne Frank
What amendment to the Constitution outlawed slavery? the 13th
Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare
What amendment to the Constitution guarantees due process of law? the 14th
What is the mathematical formula for work? work =force x distance
What mail transport service lasted from 1860 to 1861? the Pony Express
What is the jellylike liquid inside a cell? cytoplasm
What American general was defeated at the Battle of the Little Big Horn? George Armstrong Custer
What mathematical instrument is used to measure angles? a protractor
What is a line segment that is not a side but joins two vertices of a polygon? a diagonal
Who founded Hull House, a settlement house that provided for poor people in Chicago? Jane Addams
What is the measurement of a right angle? 90 degrees
In 1899, what African American woman from Mississippi started a Memphis newspaper called Free Speech? Ida B. Wells
How many millimeters are in a centimeter? 10
What composer wrote some of his greatest music after he became deaf? Beethoven
In mathematics, what is the term given to the combination of a whole number and a fraction? a mixed number
What American composer wrote so many band pieces that he is called "The March King"? John Philip Sousa
In mathematics, what does the abbreviation LCD stand for? Least (lowest) Common Denominator
What is the least common multiple of 2 and 5? 10
All even numbers are divisible by ___. 2
What is the name of the tomb built by the Shah Jahan of India in memory of his wife? the Taj Mahal
What is the greatest common factor of 16 and 20? 4
What is the opposite operation for subtraction? addition
Created by: rnsluder