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Protocols to Layers

match protocols to port #s and layers....things that are stared are important

ProtocolLayer network app and port #Meaning and description
SMTP* L7 TCP - port 25* Simple mail Transfer protocol... send emails
DNS* L7 UDP - port 53* Domain Name Service... english to IP translation
HTTP* L7 TCP - port 80* Hyper Text Transmission Protocol...hyperlinks to connect websites for web browsing
POP3 L7 TCP - 110 Post Office Protocol email receiving
NNTP L7 TCP - 119 Network News Transfer Protocol...transfers posted news articles between servers
TFTP L7 UDP- port 69 Trivial File Transfer Protocol stripped-down file transfers
SNMP L7 TCP - 161 Simple Network Management Protocol
TCP L4 port 6 Transmission Control Protocol.. reliable delivery boy creating connection-oriented transfers
UDP L4 port 17 User Datagram Protocol... unreliable delivery using connectionless transfers, but less overhead
SPX L4 -- Sequenced Packet exchange.. connection managment tools added to IPX for reliable connection-oriented communication
IP L3 -- Internet Protocol... connectionless network addressing and routing
IPX L3 -- Internetwork acket eXchange.. unreliable delivery boy using connectionless transfers, Netware's alternative to TCP/IP
ARP L3 -- Address Resolution Protocol.. Finds the MAC address given an IP address
RARP L3 -- Reverse Address Resolution Protocol... finds the IP address
BootP L3 -- Bootstrap Protocol.. finds the workstations IP and what the workstation should do first
DHCP L3 port 67 & 68 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.. "I'm new here, what is all my IP information?"
ICMP L3 -- Internet Control-Message Protocol...error-reporting, supporting: PING, traceroute, delivery of operational messages
RIP L3 -- Routing Information Protocol... routing Scheme, hop count
IGRP L3 -- Interior Gateway Routing Protocol .. routing scheme for large heterogeneoud networks
802.2 L2 -- defines connection-oriented and connectionless operations (framming)
PPP L2 -- Point-to-Point... connects nodes
HDLC L2 -- High-Level Data Link Control.. error correction
FTP L7 TCP- port 20 to 21 file transfer service
STP L2 -- Spanning Tree Protocol...runs on bridges and switches to avoid loops in paths.(blocking, listening, learning, forwarding)
FTP control* L7 TCP - port 21* File Transfer Protocol for secure file managment
Telnet* L7 UDP - port 23* terminal emulator program that uses L3 IP and L4 TCP
Created by: carly.files