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Bronze Bow 1- 5

The Bronze Bow questions for chapters 1- 5

Write down everything you learned about Daniel tall; little trace of youth; 18 years old; lean; hard body; Galilean; sun brown skin; dark eyes; full of emotion
What do you learn about Joel and Malthace? They're kind; wear clean clothes; Joel wants to be a rabbi
Describe the slave as he was when Rosh's band freed him. tough; strong; scary; giant; dirty; chained; bruised; scared
Why did Daniel run away to the hills? To escape Amalek
What is Daniel ordered to do when the caravan approaches? To attack the merchant wearing the yellow and purple robe
When Rosh asks Joel for his reason for wanting to see him, what reason does Joel give? What is Rosh's response? Joel: wants to be part of the plan Rosh: any man who hates the Romans is welcome
Why do you think Joel helps Daniel in the skirmish to prove himself
What is Rosh's main requirement for those who wish to join his band? What is your opinion of this requirement? Must hate the Romans Good for the band but it's not Christian
What does the slave do when Daniel breaks his shackles? What do you think this gesture means He grabs his feet because he's grateful and thinks of Daniel as his new master
How does Malthace's opinion about the Roman occupation compare to Joel's and Daniel's view? Malthace knows there could be peace through Jesus
Why does Simon come to visit Daniel? To tell him that Amalek died and he could go home
What is the same end toward which Simon and Rosh are working? How do they not see eye to eye The end of Roman rule; one wants a battle and the other doesn't
What is Daniel's first reaction when Jesus begins speaking in the synagogue? Why is Daniel disappointed with Jesus by the end of the service? We was excited; but was disappointed because Jesus is a pacifist
Why does Daniel walk away from Jesus and the crowd at the beach? The Roman soldiers came by
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