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Pharmacology Quiz 2

Drug testing in sports

Arnold Beckett introduced first documented antidoping initiatives
IOC International, nongovernmental, nonprofit organization. International Olympic Commitee
WADA was organized by: the IOC at the World Conference on Doping in Sport(1999)
1950's (steroids) Soviets begin clinically manipulating testosterone
1960 Summer Olympics Danish cyclist dies to amphetamine
1972 Olympics IOC begins drug testing at Munich Olympics
Barbay vs. NCAA LSU football player tests (+) for steroids, FDC said NCAA was not state actor, no 14th amendment violation
Bally vs NEU/NCAA NCAA consent form does not infringe upon dur process rights
Hill vs. NCAA collegiate diver refuses drug testing at championship calling unconstitutional invasion of privacy. NCAA appealed and won, resoning of diminished expectations of privacy
Schaill vs. Tippecanoe drug testing not inconstitutional if no direct observation of athlete during specimen collection
Acton vs. Vernonia (high school) exemption of 4th amendment. School interests in providing safe environment over-ruled privacy rights
Drug Governing Bodies IOC, WADA, USADA, NCAA, Athletic Programs
Components of a drug testing program Explanation of purpose, Participants, Banned Substances list, testing types, specimen collection, cosequences and appeal process
NCAA drug testing consequences 1 year ineligibility and a negative re-test before return
USOC drug testing consequences (1st offense) 2year suspension forfeiting awards (2nd offense) lifetime suspension
Nutritional sumplements are not: regulated by FDA and may contain a banned substance
Banned substance list (performance enhancing) anabolic steroids, stimulantsm relaxants, diuretics
Banned Substance list (illicit drugs) stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, opiates
Participants (2) include: donor, drug testing administrator, collectors (possibly medical review officer for re-test)
Who does all tesing for USOC USADA
Drug testing types Random, event testing,Reasonable suspision, pre-participation testing, follow-up, intervention
Drug testing methods urine, blood, oral fluid, hair, sweat
Most likely time for positive tests (pre-season) steroids (end of season) stimluants
Hair samples show how many days? (1.5") shows 90 days
Specimen adulteration (in-vivo) self administering a substance to mask or flush out drug (in-vitro) modifying collection samples without influencing biological process
Drug testing policy must include: clear explanation of purpose, population tested, testing types, banned drug list and consequences.
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